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World’s First Stainless Steel - Stainless Steel and Its Application Fair - 16-19 January 2010 - Ahmedabad , Gujarat - 380 006.

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2010-1-16 00:00:00 GMT+00:00
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Welcome to INDIA'S FIRST
                        Stainlessware Fair
At Present India has 25 lacks tons yearly production of stainless steel and secured 5th. place in world's stainless steel production. In coming years Jindal Stainless Ltd. will start his plant of 12 lacks tons yearly production capacity.

India is a largest market of steel trading in Asia. There are five to seven thousand steel manufacturers with multi stainless steel production. India is the second largest country in the world population and due to this stainless steel production and use has much possibilities for future. At present China's per capita consumption of steel is 6.5 kg. and India's consumption is only 2.0 kg. per capita. In Low Nickel stainless steel production India is world leader and have major Importance. Due to India's exports of low nickel, stainless steel is continuously increasing to day. India is first country where stainless steel production's 3/4 part is used in housewares production and exports. Due to world level competition world market has set his vision on India's stainless steel production and market.

So 'STEEL MARKET INFO' and Indian Stainless Development Organisation (ISDO) is going to organize first stainless steel fair at Ahmedabad. In this fair stainless steel manufacturers & Producers will come with their attractive housewares, furniture, hardware, machinery etc. It will be a great opportunity for stainless steel market where they will give live demo of their stainless steel products. In this fair 500 stainless steel manufacturers and producers will come and exhibits their glorious & attractive stainless steel products with fine designs.

We hope, you sure want to participate in

If you are serious about doing business in the growing Indain market, you cannot afford to miss out!
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“We are happy to announce the upcoming Grant stainlessware fair 2010 event first time in India.” [..]
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16 - 19 Jan 2010 | Ahmedabad | India Connecting Businessmen Worldwide for Betterment of Stainless Steel Industry